[ZS130] Zero Show feat. Lucretio (The Analogue Cops) - 11 OC

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[ZS130] Zero Show feat. Lucretio (The Analogue Cops) - 11 OC

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[ZS130] Zero Show feat. Lucretio (The Analogue Cops) - 11 OCT 2014


I’m back in the studio after quite a long break, and I have a couple of news and updates. The most obvious one is a slightly different content organization. Sounds more serious then it is, basically what this means is that I’ll use the first two hours of the show for presenting music (with short talking intervals), and the third one for long interviews, guest mixes, live sessions, stuff on croatian language and other content. First two hours will be re-broadcasted through syndication network and the third one will be available only through my web site and soundcloud.

Now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, press play and enjoy the first episode of season #4 featuring Domenico Cipriani aka Lucretio, one half of Italian duo The Analogue Cops. We recorded the conversation during in Pula at Vakum Records HQ, and were joined at some point by Tono Chipster of Crispy crew Padova and Borut Cvajner.

As for the music, there’s a short section of Marieu/Lucretio/The Analogue Cops stuff in the middle, surrounded by records I was playing or listening during the summer. And somehow it turned out most of that stuff is from Detroit.

01. Theo Parrish - Footwork
02. AMP Fiddler, Billy Love, Cool Peepl, Javonntte, Mike Grant, Sundiata O.M. - Free (Andrés Remix)
03. Todd Osborn - I Think It's Me
04. Mr. G - Distortion (Rita's Soul)
05. K. Mosse, M. Mup - We Beat This Thing
06. Donald Byrd - Think twice
07. J Dilla - Think Twice
08. Andres - Make It Last
09. Theo Parrish - When The Morning Comes
10. Frunk29 - Slowdilla (Vakula Remix)
11. Marieu - Manipulation
12. DJ Linus - K.B.'s Groove (Analogue Cops Remix One)
13. Monesi Lucretio RMX2 [EXCLUSIVE]
14. Omar S - Set Me Up
15. SSS06 A1 [PROMO]
16. Lowtec - Untitled A1 (Workshop 20)
17. Marcellis - You feat. Fabian

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