[ZS129] Zero Show feat. Kimekai & Cloudfactory - 21 JUN 2014

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[ZS129] Zero Show feat. Kimekai & Cloudfactory - 21 JUN 2014

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[ZS129] Zero Show feat. Kimekai & Cloudfactory - 21 JUN 2014


This one is long overdue - last episode from before the summer which ended up being recorded as a corrupt file, so I thought it’s gone for good. However (and luckily) I’ve managed to get the file playing today with an embarrassingly simple trick in VLC player.
So, here it is - Marko Kimekai and Matija Cloudfactory in studio, talking about Kimekai’s debut album and listening to Cloudfactory’s exclusive mix in the last hour of the programme.

One thing worth mentioning is that the night before the show I had a pretty wild gig in an abandoned house type of location on the west side of Zagreb. Had some sleep when I got home, but just barely enough to call it "sleep". I felt a bit slow the following day and listening to this recording from a two months later perspective, I think the selection in the first hour pretty accurately reflects that. Party time!

01. Tulbure - Xwaltz [Colours Music PROMO]
02. Moomin - She Said She Won't Be That Long Away
03. Vlad Caia - Lost Quintet [Gilesku Records PROMO]
04. Francesco Del Garda - Spring [Colours Music PROMO]

· interview with Marko Vuković aka Kimekai

05. Kimekai - Le loyon (Hush Hush Records PROMO)
06. Kimekai - Live Lead (Hush Hush Records PROMO)
07. Kimekai - Sunland (Hush Hush Records PROMO)

· interview with Matija Cloudfactory followed by his “Sundays Two” mixtape

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